Re: Fixed point number hardware implementation

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Now, I was wondering what will be the best option if I wanted to
demonstrate the filter operation more clearly. I mean these are just
numbers that I am showing on the 7-seg display. But if I want to
sinusoidal input and get a filtered waveform at the output.

It wouldn't take much to drive a VGA display.

Do you mean using a logic analyzer? But my friend is struggling to
a logic analyzer in FPGA. So, how do you so it won't take much for VGA
or do you mean using a cable (i've heard of a cable that can be
to FPGA and then the other end to the PC) is that what you meant?

A VGA display needs only a few signal lines to drive it, fairly easy for
FPGA. I was maybe wrong to suggest it. Setting up a memory controller for

the frame buffer and writing the line draw routines is too much of a
and distraction early on. Forget I mentioned it.

Directly displaying the filtered waveform won't show the filtering as
well a
spectrogram. Your ears are also pretty sensitive to spectral changes.
will be the simplest demonstration. A DAC can drive earphones directly.

Can you explain a little bit more about this application? where and how am
I going to give input and how do I get the output? Is it just another (one
or more) VHDL file I need to write?