Re: WARNING:iMPACT:923 - Can not find cable, check cable setup !

On Tue, 16 May 2006 08:13:16 -0500, "Scope" <romaingoron@xxxxxxxxxx>

I have a problem : I can't download files on the chip because Impact
doesn't recognize my cable. I am using the "Digilent JTAG3 low cost
parallel to JTAG cable" which is included with the starter kit. When I
launch a Cable autodetect on Impact, I have this message :

Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).
Checking cable driver.
Driver windrvr6.sys version = connection failed.

You say it's a parallel cable ... which parallel port is it on?

Do you have any dongles (modules for software licence etc) on that
parallel port?

I am using Xilinx Parallel Cable 4, and it is not recognised by Impact
if I also have the dongle for HDL Designer installed on the same port.
So I have to unplug the dongle (and lose HDL Designer) when using the
Xilinx PC4.

Also, does this parallel cable have another power connection (e.g. to a
mouse port) like the Xilinx PC4? That power connection is necessary.

- Brian