Need Help with VME OS-9 System in Chicago

I need help with a motarola VME system running OS-9 on a high-speed
packaging system in an industrial environment. The system consists of
(1) Motorola VME 162PA242, (1) Advme 1420A, (2) Cosmo VPG45, and (1)
Profort PVME-321. The processor is stopping (no fault) 8 seconds
after a cold boot, or 4 second after a reset. All diagnostic LEDs on
the processor are showing normal conditions. The fault light is not
coming on. HyperTerminal connected to the terminal port displays that
the processor has found an OS-9 program and is loading it, then
nothing. I have no experience or software to trouble shoot either the
VME or OS-9. I expect there to be a hardware problem somewhere, the
processor and EEPROM runs when installed into an identical loaded VME
rack. Any help would be appreciated, either on-line or on-site. I
am also looking for replacement cards listed above.

Thank you,
Andy Pempek apempek@xxxxxxxx