Fwd: Big blksize in MFNetDisk

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From: Shai Hess <mfnetdisk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 9:26 PM
Subject: Big blksize in MFNetDisk
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Many time I was asked if it is better to run MFNetDisk PC component in
Linux or Windows.
It seem to me that for big block size above 20K it is better to run in
Linux only for read operation meaning restore disk for example.
For write operation meaning dump MF disks Windows run very well.
To make it clear if you run tape emulation with many backup applications it
seem to me that it will run better in Linux if you like to restore MF disks.
But I also heard different opinions.
I made some TCP trace in frame level and in Windows there is a little
longer wait after transfer about more than 20K from total of 64K for read
So, it may be a tuning issue of TCP.
If you like to share your knowledge about running in Linux compare to
Windows with MF let me know.

God bless you.
Shai Hess, MFNetDisk product.

God bless you,

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