Weird thought on misuse of a GDG.

Perhaps I didn't get enought sleep during staff meeting, ah I mean last night. But I just had the weirdest thought enter my head. There have been many complaints about the limit of 255 entries in a GDG. Now, I won't debate that at all. But how many people who want more actually need to address the older GDG levels by "goovoo" number, or do GDG-ALL processing on them? If you have an application where you don't want GDG-ALL, and don't really need to access older GDG levels by relative generation number, what about defining the GDG with a LIMIT of 255 and NOSCRATCH? In the old world of CVOL processes, old GDGs "fell off" and became uncatalogued. But in today's world, without SCRATCH in the definition, the oldest GDG does not get scratched. It gets "rolled off" the GDG base and becomes a "normal" cataloged dataset entry. So it stays in the catalog, and can be referenced by absolute name. I wonder if this would ever be of some use to anyone.

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