when to use CICS

Not sure if this is a CICS q but since the CICS group seems to be
poorly frequented, I thought I'd post this here...

Let's say I have a situation.

I am developing a web frontend app that is inquiry only. The data I
need to display is in DB2 tables on a z/OS box.

The way I see it I have a choice.

I can code JDBC calls in my app (for purposes of simplicity let us mix
up presentation and data access into the same program for now) to go
directly against the DB2 tables.


I don't know exactly what the benefits of bringing CICS into the
equation but I have been told that it is better to go thru CICS to get
to DB2 than direct calls to the database.
So, being an ex COBOL programmer, I can write some trivial CICS
transactions to dump the required data on the screen using SEND TEXT
(no need to format, I can do that in my Java app) and then use the
HTTP server built into CICS to invoke these trans, retrieve the data
into my Java app and display formatted as HTML.

is there any reason not to go with direct ODBC calls?

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