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competitiors, but they're
using far less effort to accomplish it. The value of a happy
and content
work-force is difficult to measure in a monetary sense, but
should not be

I don't disagree with the above, personally. But around here if it
cannot be shown to actually save "hard" dollars, it is unlikely to be
"bought into" by management.

Example: Due to license upgrade fees, we replaced Compuware's Xpeditor
and AbendAid with CA's Intertest and Symdump. Hard dollar cost is down.
Programmer productivity is also down. The "hard dollars" trumped
productivity. The, now ex-, manager who made this decision basically
said that if the programmers wanted something other than the CA
products, they could either take a pay cut equivalent to the cost
difference or tell him who to fire to make up the cost difference.
Current management (big shake up soon after all this) may be more open.
Or not. I don't really know yet.


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