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I am getting messages on the HMC (SYS3175) where can I find the
messages and codes for the HMC

That's an OS/2 message. If you have the popup log active then
POPUPLOG.OS2 will contain details. Your first step when you get un
unfamiliar message should be the help command:

[H:\]help sys3175

SYS3175: A program in this session encountered a problem and cannot

EXPLANATION: An access violation exception occurred and was generated
when an attempt was made either to load or store data in an
inaccessible location or to execute an inaccessible instruction. This
exception corresponds to both the Intel 80386 processor general
protection fault (#13), caused by an invalid access attempt, and the
page fault (#14), caused by an attempt to access an uncommitted page
or a page with incorrect attributes for the desired operation.

ACTION: If you purchased this program, contact the supplier of the
program. If you are the developer of this program, refer to the
information in the register.

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