Fw: Tax chooses dead language - Austalia

"Under questioning from Senator Fielding, Mr Farr agreed the local project
was based on old technology, "but it is still very widely used for large
mainframe applications".

As I am fond of saying sometimes in presentations, the age of a technology does not convey its

I'm not quite sure how long ago the pencil was invented, but the earthernware mug dates back
to beyond the Beaker People. We have, in the interim, developed porcelain, Pyrex glass and
stainless steel - but you'll still find a device on most CIOs' desks that dates back over
10,000 years.

There are certain aspects of a mainframe - be it a z9 or one of its newer successors - that
offer unique benefits. Thirty years after the erosion began, no one has really solved the
problems of interoperability and application synergy in multi-platform environments. A single
cohesive environment with a common environmen, common skils and common tools still offers
business benefits.

Phil Payne
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