Killfile Update: SuperM (was: why 2.35:1 ?)

SuperM wrote:

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 06:50:25 -0700, "Richard C."
<post-age@xxxxxxxxxxx> Gave us:

Top posting has its purpose.

So does flogging.

Sheesh, you can't even take a joke right.

Well, let's look at the posts in the last 24 hours:
- Bulk responses? = Check.
- "No top posting" in lieu of actual content? = Check
- Geek-credibility "Your theater system will pay for itself in 10 years!" investment-delusions? = Check.
- "Retard" obsession? = Che....uh, wait, looks like we're missing something here.
Guess someone's laying low under the new screenname in the hopes of building "credibility" again, hoping to get back into the "Mine's better than yours" threads again with a clean slate.

....Oh, well, allow us to shoot those chances all to heck--
Now we can get back to group-ostracizing his entire existence again. :)

(Oh, and Rich, let's see: You said, what, new screenname in two weeks?
Hmm, held out a little longer than we thought, although not sure if we can technically count "SuperMassive" as a *new* screenname--We'll have to get a ruling on that one, but betting pools open on the next?)

Derek Janssen (in poker, it's never about the cards, it's about the tells)

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