Re: New to DVD Recorders -- which one?

spam@xxxxxxx (Bob) wrote:

On Sun, 13 Aug 2006 20:02:29 -0500, Guy Scharf <guy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I've decided I need a DVD recorder.

I recommend you go cheap at first. You can always use the cheap
unit as a second VCR when its time to get a good unit.

I am using the ILO DVDR05MU1 with 6.10 firmware from WalMart for
$99. It works satisfactorily. If it were more expensive I would
not buy it, but for a hundred bucks and the prospect that it will
serve as a backup unit one day, I am satisfied. It will play AVI
(XviD only) which means you do not have to convert.

I tried to get an ILO at WalMart today and was told they no longer
carried them. In cheap DVDRs, the choices were between Magnavox and
Philips. I got the Philips DVDR 3390 and will install it soon and see
how well it works.