New to DVD Recorders -- which one?

I've decided I need a DVD recorder. My primary purpose is to make a
DVD copy of programs recorded on a Dish Network DVR. Secondarily, I
want to make DVD copies of VHS and SVHS tapes. I prefer using S-Video
inputs and output. So I think I need two S-Video inputs and one
output, plus stereo audio signals. I'd also like a tunable RF input in
case I decide to use it from the DVR remote location, which requires
using channel 60. However, RF input is not mandatory.

I would like the video and audio quality to be as good as the original

I also would like to use the unit as a normal DVD player. Do all DVD
recorders also work as players?

I'd like to keep the price below $250.

Are there any recorders that seem to be a very good fit to my desires?

Where can I find reliable, comparative reviews?