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If more buyers would support HD-DVD and say no to Blu-Ray, then we would not
have a format war which is damaging the dvd industry.
Join the HD-DVD Support Group over at

I'm saying NO to both of them.

Once the PS3 drops down in price - then there would be a large Blu-Ray

So what? They are STILL going to lose the battle.

Like when the PS2 killed off the Dreamcast, because it could play
DVDs straight away, and the Dreamcast couldn't.

Hahaha.. what a joke, and what a weak battle for a small
(relatively) market. THIS MARKET IS GLOBAL, and huge.

HD DVD will win. Already has, in fact.

Good question, since the overwhelming majority of people right now don't
know or care about either format.

That's bullshit. The majority of folks that WOULD be interested
already are. Many more come on board every day.

The folks that would be interested is a very small subset of DVD owners
right now.

Audiophiles and videophiles are definitely up on the latest and
greatest, and they always have been.

Yes, and most DVD owners are neither. The war is to win these people
over, and most of them don't care.

The industry will be fine right now with the market demographic of
all laser disc types and those DVD owners that became videophiles
after getting on board with DVD. I think that market is much bigger
than you apparently do. So do the manufacturers of our consumer
electronics goods... obviously.