Re: Blu-ray promises more than special menus

Larry wrote:
You can't see the forest for the trees... Java and the
Internet run on multiple platforms, there's nothing new here.
You can put all the Java apps you want on the blu-ray and it
won't help unless the player supports it. Are you so blind as
to think that can't be done on any other format?

dude, i'm a java programmer. if HDDVD supported it in future, then i
would be the happiest guy in the world and would not care which side
won. As it is, Toshiba's HDDVD supports VERY MINIMAL interactivity with
the user. It is a LAME ONE NOTE DUCK that would pale besides what you
can do with Blu-ray.

Blu-ray players will support Java, and that makes all the difference in
the world because it means the blu-ray player is now hell more powerful
and versatile...GOOD for consumers, GOOD for gadget freaks, GOOD for

Here's some specs of the Sony player coming out this year:


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