Re: Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?

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I'm also a programmer, as working in front of computer day and day, my
right hand is so tired and ached. So I tried to mouse in both hands. I
find that it is really an efficient way to release pains. At first I
switched the mouse buttons in windows control panel, but it taked me
several steps to finish it, and I can't flip the cursor, so I maked a
utility. With it I can switch mouse buttons and flip the cursor
immediately by pressing a hotkey. I gave it a name: "Ambidexter Mouse",
do you want to have a try:

It 'taked' me a few seconds to reject this SPAM that I 'maked' and 'ached' a
get lost gesture.

Many others have already found the solution: use a trackball. Also
many Photoshop users are using mostly the Wacom tablet instead of a mouse.

Mouse usage is detrimental to one's health & physical well-being.