Re: DVD dead!

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> Well I didn't mention DVD-A no SACD.

You're ignoring the issue. My point was, a new format doesn't
automatically equal success. There have been numerous audio/video
formats over the years that were history before they even had the chance
to get going. Remember Philips Video 2000 videcassette format? Which
BTW, was superior to both Betamax and VHS, but it didn't mean a damn
thing to the average consumer. It was pratically dead on arrival.

> The train is actually heading the opposite direction with Audio....
> Does that mean everyone with using their IPOD's to watch the latest
> Blockbuster? My gut says no.

It's expected that by 2010 internet bandwidth will have reached the
levels where it will be possible to download an entire movie in roughly
3 minutes time. So who's to say video isn't going to go down the same
path as audio? I could quite easily see standard DVD continuing to be
the format of choice until 2010 or so. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD could end up
being nothing more than blips on the radar(much like the aforementioned
Video 2000). I'm not saying this will be the case, but it's a definite

> ?? Not quite sure what you mean. The VHS market and Laser market
> were quite different... and DVD killed them both.

What's so difficult to understand? You were saying that only now is DVD
finally doing VHS in for good. So that means VHS is dying only a mere 4
or 5 months before the launch of Blu-Ray, ASSUMING IT DOES INFACT LAUNCH
NEXT SPRING. Using that analogy, DVD won't be completely done in until a
format comes along to replace Blu-Ray(or HD-DVD)! No need to worry about
DVD dying anytime soon if we're using this argument.

Not to mention Joe Sixpack's favorite super store is apparently going to
keep VHSuck around even after Blu-Ray has launched... But I guess it
shouldn't be a surpise that Wal-Mart would be the one game in town to
keep beating a dead horse.

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