Re: Question...will DVDs rot if stored flat?

Hence 26 years at best. Music cd's sold retail arrived in 1982. Some
promo's were released in late 1981 like the Excalibur movie soundtrack
(only 300 were made) and it was distributed only distributed to radio
stations and people in the business.
So again cd's have not been around 30 years but if you got 26 year old
cd's that play fine I'd guess they will last to 30. Remember cd's are
not burned like cd-r's and cd-r's may not last nearly as long. Who has
a music cdr that has lasted a long time and they would like to brag on
them. I have em maybe 5-6 yrs old that still play fine. Any older out

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>>CD's have not been around 30 years yet.
>>Try again on that one...
>The first CD prototype arrived in 1979 , and units and software sold in Europe
>and Japan in 1982.