Re: I'm confused

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:52:38 GMT, "sjackson" <sjackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>It's been a while since I looked into buying a HDTV and I was confused then.
>I simply cannot keep up with the developments in technology. Now there is
>going to be a new DVD format. So what should I do? Just sit tight and
>wait? I have a few DVD's right now and really want to build a collection of
>classic films -- should I just go ahead? I assume that this new format
>won't affect older films. I'd also like to author DVD's -- a bunch of Mpegs
>of old films where I can watch several films without having to change DVD's.
>Any advice would be welcome.

I have an HDTV and I think current DVDs are just fine on it. I am going
nuts with buying DVDs and I don't give a rat's patootie what the next
format is supposed to be. I think that the fact that the manufacturers
can't get together and decide what the next format is going to be means
that none of them will get off the ground. Anybody remember AM Stereo
radio? Why should you--it never got off the ground.

Every day you sit tight and wait is another day you're not enjoying what's
out there.