Re: Jackson KING KONG remake (was Why Not Released???)

The Man Behind The Curtain <johngrabowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Joshua Zyber wrote:
>> "The Man Behind The Curtain" <johngrabowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> You still seem to think there has to be this divide between good and
>>> entertaining. I expect ALL my movies to be good, very good. Very
>>> very good. All of them, in every scene. When people involved get
>>> paid millions or even *tens* of millions and work two or three years
>>> on a project for 14-hour days, I expect it to rock, to shake my world,
>>> to blow me away. When it doesn't, there's no "Aw, let's see it anyway
>>> and not expect much."
>> Not every movie can be a masterpiece. Just because a movie isn't utterly
>> perfect in every way, doesn't mean it should be totally dismissed.
> Didn't say anything of the sort.

So a movie can rock, shake your world, and blow you away, and still not be a

-- jayembee

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