Re: This newsgroup is closed

On Aug 1, 11:48 am, "Don in Vegas and Memphis!" <dstre...@xxxxxxxxx>
Due to profanity, lawsuits between participants and arguing, this
newsgroup serves no purpose.  it is, for intents and purposed,
closed.  Many of the people that still come here are the trolls,
vitriolic and mean spitters  that can kill a newsgroup.

As a Vegas resident may I invite you to use other positive sources of
information regarding my home town, Las Vegas.  Go
and do a search for "Vegas forums".  These forums are moderated and
will not contain the trash and trashy comments you see here in this

Notwithstanding the above, Don is all excited about having breakfast
with AVLVers this weekend.

He hates us, he spits on us, but he cannot wait to break bread with

It would be apt if someone slipped him a roofie, then facilitated him
"donating" one (or what the hell, make it BOTH) of his kidneys.