Re: Lets have breakfast here in Vegas soon....

On Aug 29, 12:20 am, Ace♠ <avlvsvery...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Aug 27, 12:57 pm, "Don in Vegas and Memphis!" <dstre...@xxxxxxxxx>

I am in LA then with the grand rat kids  Lets do it on 9-2 at 8:00am

Sure, absolutely. 9-2 at 8:00am is fine. And wherever you want to have
it, Egg & I or Ellis Is.or wherever else is fine with me too.

I didn't meant to trump your gracious invite, believe me. The 9/24 and
Ellis Is. suggestion  was based solely on accommodating Mr.V being
able to join us. Like you said, the more the merrier.

But I can do 9/2 with you and 9/24 with Mr.V. Whatever, whenever,
wherever is fine by me.

My life seems to consist of numerous luncheons, beer and coffee grabs
with people I'm meeting for the first time for one reason or another.
That's why getting together with a "stranger" from avlv has never been
something I've ever given a second thought to.


It will be wonderful to see you. :) I look forward to it.

....see ya there and then.