Re: This newsgroup is closed

On Aug 1, 3:47 pm, "Observant Lurker" <ade5...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Aug 1 2011 3:48 PM, Don in Vegas and Memphis! wrote:

Due to profanity, lawsuits between participants and arguing, this
newsgroup serves no purpose.  it is, for intents and purposed,
closed.  Many of the people that still come here are the trolls,
vitriolic and mean spitters  that can kill a newsgroup.

As a Vegas resident may I invite you to use other positive sources of
information regarding my home town, Las Vegas.  Go
and do a search for "Vegas forums".  These forums are moderated and
will not contain the trash and trashy comments you see here in this

Las Vegas is such a fun city, and I hope to see you here!!

Here is a link to the theme from a great movie...that was made in
Vegas and the Las Vegas experience!!.  See if you know which one it
is!!  :)

Honored to be of service ........

Hey don...I remember that movie. One of my favorites for sure.
It was called "suicide at the palms".
based on a story of a man who jumped from the parking garage after going
nuts listening to rap crap in the casino.
on my way to ellis island for bbq ribs. yummy.


I love the song and the movie. Vegas is such a powerful city! It is
absolutely electric in every aspect! Life is as good as we choose to
make it. Dance naked to this song in the shower!

I am so glad to have had the views and experiences I have had here.
ever walked through a club with smoke all over the floor and tunes and
glitter in the air on the way to handleel a grievance, call fire down
from heaven, or save a guys job...? It is cool as hell, and makes
your blood pump! Vegas has the best clubs in the world. We also
import the best weekend hookers from CA and AZ on the weekends. :)
All practices and persuasions as well.

Live, love, dance and enjoy life all you can right now. It is later
than you think, literally. At some point it will all be over. Go
with great memories.

It was a great movie!! Absolutely tingly in its possibilities! :)