Re: Look out below!

On Mar 5, 10:50 am, "Mr. V" <allagosh...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In another article, eyewitnesses couldn't decide if our wingless
Icarus was trying to jump off of the sixth or the fourteenth floor.

Such lack of certainty cannot be deemed unexpected, as eyewitness
prowling the strip at about 4:30 AM are all going to be drunk,
drugged, or probably both.

The Town's New Motto, inspired by the economic downturn: "Las Vegas:
Come Die With Us."

Cosmo's New Motto: "Cosmo: Where The People, Like The Dice, Throw

Somebody stop me ...

No, keep going, please. But be careful not to infringe. From a Reuters
article; "The last thing the Strip and Las Vegas need is to be known
as a suicide haven," Hey man, Seattle has dibs on that one.