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You can stop your flow of pain.  You can replace it with something
positive and productive.  Comming here and beating yourself in hope
that someone will help you, or see you screams of pain and will not stop the flood of pain you feel.  Learn new
skills.  You can do it.  I am proud of your potential. :)


I see you're taking the high road again...

Nah, not really.  I just don't have time for his silliness.  I do feel
really sorry for him tho.  He has to be so angry, pissed off and
causes more troubles than you know about in this ng.  He is really
like Charles Manson in some ways, IMHO, of course.  And far worse, the
poor guy is ineffective and inefficient, and so filled with pain and


"Nah, not really"

So, does this admission make you a hypocrite? I mean come on, you sit
here and play the religious person who takes the "high-road" right?

No, but it makes your blood pump.  He is just a very sad, whacked and
angry guy.  Probobly lost any friends decades ago.  No, O don't play
that.  I am a sinner doing the best I can and not a reflection of your
goofy view. If you have hang ups, ficx them, others have nothing to do
with it.   I will take any damned road I choose. :)


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Again, you missed your turnoff to your "high road"

Kiss my high road foot. I'll do it when i damned well please. Truth
is also a very nice thing. Someone smacks you they'll do it again
unless you lay them out. there is also the good/revenge road. People
leave you alone in life because you put a rail road spike in their
freakin head if they don't. Fear, their fear, keeps them intact.
Not good manners, God, or anything else. Fear is a great pacifier.