Re: GArY's useless life, week 1

On Oct 25, 1:28 am, Ace <avlvsveryo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Not much happening.
He's displaying his usual obsession with Strevel in hugely lengthy
detailed articles about the loon.
Still hasn't provided a shred of evidence he's a Nevada resident.
Still hasn't explained why a rare Harley Davidson he claims to own,
isn't registered in the State of Nevada.
Hasn't even taken the time to post another fake M hotel or Eastside
Cannery TR.
Hasn't plagiarized anything in the last week that I know of, but I
ignore more than half of what he/she/it writes, so who knows?
And who cares? Anyone? Anyone at all? Thought not.


I had a neighbor that lived two caves down. He had a little brother
that would not let us go anywhere, do anything unless he was crying to
go with us.....

just because I like it!