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Today I voted at Vons supermarket at Pecos &  Windmill,
but was surprised that they accepted my voters registration
card without asking for photo ID or any other ID.

How can you vote in a supermarket?

Never heard of or saw such a thing in all my born days.

I have never heard of voting in a Super Market but when Obama was
elected most people must have voted in bars! Ronald Emerson. Is it
June 2011 yet?

I voted for Obama in a small historic mall called The Factory. It was
interesting standing in line checking out fashions. No bar, though. A
beer would have been a nice touch in toasting Bush's exit :)


In January 2012, you can go to a nashville bar and with a cold one in your
paw, you can toast Obama's exit after one term in office.

Interesting fantasy, but ain't gonna happen. Who would replace him?

I'll make a guess. The Dem's will draft hillary as the presidential
candidate for 2012 and she will probably run against ???who knows? maybe
Romney. The results? If the repub is Romney I'd say he has a fairly good
chance of beating Hillary. Right now I think he is the only one who could
beat hillary. If the nominee is Obama, there are several repubs who could
beat him for the presidency.
I think sarah palin will stay in the background and not run. She is so
young, that she has years to make that move.

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