Re: I Voted

On Oct 22 2010 5:25 AM, Ray in Nashvegas wrote:

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On Oct 18, 6:55 pm, "Mr. V" <allagosh...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Oct 18, 2:34 pm, "dr. Baf" <slaza...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Today I voted at Vons supermarket at Pecos &  Windmill,
but was surprised that they accepted my voters registration
card without asking for photo ID or any other ID.

How can you vote in a supermarket?

Never heard of or saw such a thing in all my born days.

I have never heard of voting in a Super Market but when Obama was
elected most people must have voted in bars! Ronald Emerson. Is it
June 2011 yet?

I voted for Obama in a small historic mall called The Factory. It was
interesting standing in line checking out fashions. No bar, though. A
beer would have been a nice touch in toasting Bush's exit :)


In January 2012, you can go to a nashville bar and with a cold one in your
paw, you can toast Obama's exit after one term in office.

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