Re: Video Poker Contest

On Oct 11, 2:53 pm, "dr. Baf" <slaza...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

100 hands times 200 chances equals 20,000 hands.

Now 20,000 hands at 5 cents a hand ( 1 cent, 5 coin in)
Total $1,000 coin in.

Anything less than 100,000 point results, you are a loser.

A 90,000 score means you lost 10,000 pennys
or $100.

If your real bankroll is $1,000 you would have a
better chance of winning real money in the high roller
section, playing max coin on a $5 or $25 machine.

The difference here is this one is free to play as many times as you
want, so your chances of hitting that increase each time you play. And
I wouldn't mind the prize.