Re: Listen to Strevel... and do the exact opposite.

On Oct 10, 3:07 pm, Walt <n...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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 "Double Down Now!" <double.down....@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Oct 9, 6:56 pm, Ace <avlvsveryo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Listen to Strevel? Who would anyone want to listen to Strevel?

 Astute high-rollers like John Paulson are listening to Mr. Strevel:

You haven't been paying attention.  Don has been saying "buy" since 2006, all
the way down thru the housing crash.

Have you even bought ~~~anything to hold and rent or live in. Or,
will you miss this like the others you missed. Always going to the
dance and always going home alone. I'd be mad upset and menstruating
like you do if I just sat there and vall the pretty girls pass me by
as well.

....any jack ass (thats you dude) can kick a brn down. It takes a
skilled carpenter (thats me) to build one.

Again,what have you bought or at least got "First writ of recision"
on?? Oh, nothing, weeeeeel, that explains your raggy views and
attitude. You aint got shit cause you aint done shit but sit. Get
your lazy ass to work.

pssssst...I love your sockpuppet crew. :)



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