Re: worst state for retirement: NV

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did someone want to take a second to explain how lower taxes makes
everything better? hmmmmmmmm?
NV is a no income tax state but only comes in about 1/2 (#23) in total
tax burden. Imagine how much worse it might be if taxes were the same as
NV's problem is largely one of shortsightedness. They are a one
industry state with that industry in the crapper. It is not really
surprising that two of the places with largest unemployment and the most
econ problems are Michigan (one industry state with that industry in the
crapper) and NV. It was easier on the PTB in both the City and the
state to suppose that Gambling would be here forever so they did little
or nothing to expand the diversity of the base and they are paying the
On the other side, I point you to Indiana. It is still the state
with the highest percentage of manufacturing jobs in the Country, but we
have active medical areas (Lilly and the Hip replacement Capital of the
World around Warsaw), transportation and warehousing (with the second
biggest Fed Ex hub in the world) among others. Yet we have around
average unemployment, less than average foreclosures, etc.

not saying higher taxes helps, but no / lower taxes sure isn't the
panacea that I keep hearing it is --- not by a looooong shot.

Which of course nobody in real life has suggested. Just as no one has
suggested no government, just less government. But hey, why let little
things like truth in advertising get in the way of a good rant. (For
either side).

I want to find a voracious, small-minded predator
and name it after the IRS.
Robert Bakker, paleontologist