Re: OT: Roku HD box

On Sep 25, 3:34 pm, tom ronson <theavlv.ron...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
CLM in ND wrote:
Does anyone have one of these?

I don't but have been looking at them --- also at the "WD TV Live".

The WD box is sort of neat because it'll play about any video format
you've got saved on your home network, or usb drive. the downside to the
WD box is that you need to either hook it up with a cat 5 cable or buy a
wireless adapter. I'm not sure I haven't decided on option 3 --- a
beater pc to hook to the TV. I've got a spiffy video card that'd rock
for the right machine. I actually bought a 'puter yesterday with the
expectation of going that way but the video slot is AGP and I need PCIE.
no worries -- I paid $20 for the machine and should be able to get a
$100 for it.

info on the wd box --- which can be had for $125-ish.

If any of the internet providers in this area allowed access to, I'd dump my cable TV.