Re: My Broker says wait...

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GArY wrote:
On 9/1/2010 10:28 PM, Micajah wrote:

Don, this is an honest question. Have you ever purchased or owned a home?



Strevel will tell you he owns several homes.

It's amazing how Micajah appeared out of thin air to team up with you
to go after Strebs lol.

Uh oh, something tells me Micajah is coming after me next.

Oh well, better than trying to read NomenNiesco's gibberish.

I know, I know, you and Micajah have different headers.
You post with easynews, Micajah posts with giganews.
You are just very likeminded soundalike separate individuals lol.


I celebrated by looking up the word Sock puppet in Greek. It
translated into donkey shit. All these new people that come up at
tactically good times for the persons views perp-ing them. Oh, we are
so blessed. Yea, frigin right. hahahaha
A*, you are a good man.