Re: 10 worst things about livin' in Vegas!

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I haven't read the list but I will say in the past couple of weeks
we've had just under or over 100 degree days and many of us actually
think that was quite comfortable. I do.


We've lived in Henderson since 2001. When I read the list, I felt it was nothing more than a hatchet job on our town. The bad points we all recognize were exaggerated and virtually none of the positive aspects were mentioned or if they were mentioned, they were minimized.

What we have here is a new city, constructed around a core mixing tourism, old and new. The further you are from that core, the newer everything is and the better it is.

My impression is that the author lived or spent much of his existence here in that core- particularly the downtown area. That would explain his diatribe on crime and the people he encountered. As you venture outward, to Summerlin, Henderson, the Sun Cities and similar developments, you encounter planned communities with rational development transitioning between single family residential, duplex, multifamily, light commercial and primary commercial. The streets are paved and solid, infrastructure like functioning cable and telephone, reliable electric and water and sewer are in place and working. You don't find that in older cities anywhere. Sure, the homes have a sameness that can be boring, but then they also reflect the reality of living in the desert with high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Concrete roofs and stucco siding are a necessity and not just a concession.

Our housing density is a compromise between downtown urban and spacious suburbs. Anyone who grew up in a highrise apartment house in a city would appreciate any back yard or parking space at all. Anyone growing up in a farming community would feel cramped by small set-backs, tiny garages and small yards. It's a middle ground here.

The newspaper publishes a weekly crime map showing burglaries, drugs, assaults etc. that were on the police blotter. I defy anyone to find a city with a suburban area like ours to show a significant improvement over LV and Henderson. The part about the police being out of control was ridiculous. While generously overpaid, like our firemen, our police are professional. Mistakes can happen, but if you're a law-abiding citizen who doesn't have an "attitude," they're like any other city. I've never been stopped, questioned, frisked or even had a ticket. Our police are like the police in any other city. If you go downtown or on the Strip, get drunk, mouth off, act stupid or do a crime, they'll take care of matters promptly and professionally, though.



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