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I'm heading to Vegas for my annual NCAA Tourney trip and have a few
days by myself before the rest of the group shows up.  During this
time, I would like to hit a really nice restaurant because I know
'dudes' won't be interested in spending that kind of $$ on a single
meal (Weinerschnitzle above the Coke store is more their budget, not
that there's anything wrong with that).  The problem is that most
really nice restaurants seem to me to be designed for couples.
To that end, which of these restaurants, if any, would a single
feel most comfortable in?  I'm talking about not only convenient
seating for one but ambiance as well.  I don't want to be the one
single guy in a room full of couples all celebrating something
and looking like the psycho-loner.
My options are:
Aureole (Mandalay Bay)
Bradley Ogden (Caesars)
Daniel Boulud Brasserie (Wynn)
L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (MGM)
Le Cirque (Bellagio)
Mesa Grill (Caesars)
Michael Mina (Bellagio)
miX (Mandalay Bay)
Wing Lei (Wynn)
If I hit quad aces, I'm thinking:
Alex (Wynn)
Guy Savoy (Caesars)
Picasso (Bellagio)
And, if I happen to hit a royal:
Joel Robuchon (MGM)
(If the list looks familiar to anyone, it's because it's a listing
the Michelin-starred and AAA five-diamond restaurants along the
strip.  I figure those will be the best of the best.)
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi Dan,
May I recommend Kristofer’s Steak House inside the Riviera Hotel on
the North Strip? It gives you the option of eating at a table or the
bar if you wish, both would be perfectly comfortable for a lone diner.
 features a price fixed menu that includes items like
Blackened Prime Rib, Swordfish, Chicken and daily blackboard specials.
The average entree will run you about 30.00, which I think you will
find is about half (or more) off the entree prices of the other fine
choices you listed.
Also, Kristopher's chefs work in an open exhibition kitchen and put on
a show preparing food for guests.
While not one of the newer joints on the block I can tell you that the
quality is top notch! Plus your can't beat the Riv for an authentic
throwback Vegas experience.
I'd also like to encourage any other readers of this newsgroup to give
Kristofer's a shot next time you are debating where to go on your next
fine dining night!

This would be uncool if it weren't so ridiculous.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. I think it's fair to say the Riviera has
been "uncool" to the trendier types in the recent past. While we have
attempted, in my opinion unwisely, to have nightclubs and some other
failed attempts at being more modern I really feel we have gotten back
to what made us the cream of the crop of Las Vegas Resorts just 15-20
short years ago. That being a great relaxed place to play and stay and
now it comes at a bargain price. That being on the record I would like
to add that through it all from when we were at the top to the lean
years Kristopher's has never wavered. I feel based on your statement
that you have never been, I sure wish would_ _ ugh. I firmly believe
you will change your opinion.


One problem I've found with the Riviera has been their reservations
clerks attitudes.

I recently tried to change a booking, once adding a room and once
adding an extra night, and both times was treated as if I were asking
for an impossible favor.

Both times I was forced to listen to a recital of the "rules and fees"
even though I told the woman I already had heard them.

First impressions are important, when your first impression of a hotel
is that the people who work there are snippy and don't listen, the
impression is not favorable.

That said, there is/was? an excellent Italian restaurant there.

...and the employees I know well there, have no use for the clueless
management. Maybe that's why the place is a ghost town.
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Everyone is trying the best they can. Sometimes "forces from above"
are making the calls and they have their reasons. I also don't feel
it's fair to call the Riv a ghost town. I hope we can manage to win
back your patronage.