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BR Eagle wrote:
WHO DAT sez de gonna beat dem Saints?!

I've been tell yall!


Drew Brees Super Bowl MVP!
Saints 31, Colts 17
Contrast BR! I lost some money on it, but I'm happy for youse guys down
Denny in Vegas

Hey fuzzy....doesn't "WHO DAT" remind you of amos and andy from years gone
I used to listen to that radio show when I was growing up. Really funny
stuff from those two guys.

WHO DAT? is everywhere down here. I've never seen so many cars with
Saints flags and people, black and white, wearing "WHO DAT" shirts. I
live in the WHO DAT Nation.
All sorts of stories going around about the start of WHO DAT, one
interesting one being that ship captains radioed "WHO DAT" when
approaching another ship at night on the curvy Mississippi River.
For those who care, here is a link to a story on the history of WHO

"A successful dieter may win a nobelly prize."

Let me contact the registry of motor vehicles here in taxachusetts and
well see if I can get a vanity license plate saying...WHODAT.
Want to bet they won't give it to me?
That would be offensive and if they did, my car would be a torched, as
soon as some black radicals saw the license plate.

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