Re: Foortball next season

"Big Mikey" <lvseminolenospamman@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I really don't know why, but God is telling me that New Orleans will not be
in the Super Bowl again for a long, long time. Don't know why, just have
this feeling. They can win their division easy as I think their division
is a joke and will remain one next year. (Sorry Ronald, I am not convinced
the Falcons are going anywhere!)

So anyone think the Detroit Lions can do it in the next 5 years? Ok, 10
years? Actually I always thought the Cardinal Football team was the most
hapless team in the NFL so you never know.

A superstar running back to compliment Stafford and a rebuilt defense is
all that is standing in the way for Detroit. Sounds a lot like the
Saints not too long ago. While I am not yet sold on Jim Schwartz, I was
not that sold on Sean Peyton either when he first took over. Then again,
how much did Jim Caldwell really have to change after Tony Dungy,
especially when you got Peyton manning at the controls?

Indy will be back....these guys are like the Buffalo Bills golden years
with Jim Kelly.


Matt Stafford is the second coming of Joey Harrington. The Lions are going