Re: Slightly OT-No drinks after midnight at Foxwoods

On Feb 2, 3:15 pm, freddy <melbedewy1...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
May be old news but new to me.
I woke up early and decided to play and get a drink.  After finally
flagging down a cocktail waitress at 4AM and requesting a B & B on the
rocks she gave me a puzzled look.  After repeating my order she stated
that there is NO liquor available-"last call is 12:15 honey"  You can
have orange juice or coffee though.  Thanks a lot.
Also the nickel VP is horrendous.  7-5 with a reduced royal of 1500
coins (that's 96.17% boys and girls. The BP is even more screwed up.
When I saw the reduced single coin payout for two pair I just laughed
and stopped writing down the paytable.
The penny hundred and fifty plays next to the nickels are 7-5 but with
the full royal payout for a whopping 97.24% return for every time you
push the button-at $5 a pop.  Yet 3 people were playing this not so
slow suicide.  I'm never making fun of 6-5 players again--at least

Foxwoods agreed to comply with state liquor laws from their
inception. Last call is 1:15 on Friday and Saturday nights; 12:15 the
rest of the week.