Re: A Decade Of AVLV...WOW!

Has it been ten years? Wow, time really passes quickly. I could not
have had the good times in Ol' Vegas without the information I got from
this group.

The Chuck vs. Berman conflict was Epic.
The Chuck vs. Strevel conflict was hilarious. The Big Mikey vs.
Everybody on Earth is the stuff that usenet legends are made of. I have
to hand it to Masarsky, he has beat that dead horse long after Chuck,
Berman, Andrew, Elvis, Strevel and Matt even pretended to care. Mike's
the absolute definition of a fanatic pronoid. But deep inside, you have
to admire his desire for someone to like him. He really, really wants
to have a human being believe him. If he found some ugly, retarded girl
to swallow his lies, he'd probably "hug" her until she passed out. Or
lost air pressure and deflated.

Let's not forget the three highest points of AVLV's history: The
Goldhaber lawsuit(over obvious satire and humor), Steve Kucera's
slapdown of Mikey(some of the best writing in history) and Mikey's phone
message to Berman(the courts have since ruled that these are legal to
play in public because they are voluntarily recorded by the caller).

A close fourth place: The tee shirt delivered to Berman during a party
and Evil Elvis finding out Chuck was behind on his taxes in California.
I always figured that Chuck kept his residence in Nevada to avoid
California income taxes.

I wonder what happened to Billhere and many of the other frequent
posters over the years. Does Bill still do his coupons? What about
SENOUR TROUT??? Think of the changes in Vegas in the last ten years.
We've gone from the Mirage being the second wonder of the world to City
Center. Vegas just isn't the bargain basement it was, or maybe it's
coming back as a bargain basement, who knows? How can they fill up
another five thousand rooms? Do the math: five thousand rooms(ten to
twelve thousand people) would require another twenty to twenty-five
flights in and out of Vegas a day. There just are not enough gates and
planes. Los Angeles can't put another five thousand cars into Vegas
every weekend. The roads won't take it. This is the beginning of a
long, long recession for Vegas.

I really miss the reviews people would do on the hotel rooms and
restaurants. I still enjoy visiting the strip hotels and casino areas,
but I feel totally ripped off when I pay seven bucks for a beer or
eleven for breakfast. It kind of takes the magic off the place. What
about the rest of you? Is the shine beginning to dull?