Re: Palazzo or Venetian?

The Venezia room are not like the Ventian rooms. First they do not
have th eremote for the shades. Secoond the room is furnished not in
modern design, but rather in eurpean classic design. Thrid it is
farther away from the casino and confusing at first to get to.....If I
had my choice I would go with Palazzo over Venzia rooms. I've slept in
both and asked for a transfer to the Ventian rooms ( truly suites
)after one night at the Venzia room....

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Chef Kurt wrote:
After reading Cam's message about finding an offer for free rooms at
The Venetian, I decided to check myself. Well, what do you know? It
seems they stuck one in there for 2 to 4 nights comped, with $25 slot
or table credit. The offer is good as many times as I like through

So, I'm going to book two of my nights there, and just keep my Caesars
Palace reservations as they are. My question is: Palazzo Luxury or
Venetian Luxury rooms?

By the way, anyone else going to be in Vegas the first part of next


Palazzo. Easier access from the garage and just better rooms.
Denny in Mass

Yeah, I've heard the Venezia towers are further away from the garage,
but since I won't have a car, I figure I'd give them a shot. The
rooms look pretty decent....and they're free!