Re: Hotels you stayed at?? Best? Worst?

On Dec 2 2009 11:46 PM, FERRANTE wrote:

IT would be interesting to hear which hotels you stayed at and your

I stayed at:

Westward Ho--not bad, room was way in the back lot. Bloody Marys came
in handy and were quite tasteful. My buddy said hearing me fart loudly
was the highlight of his trip. Twenty years ago and he still remembers
and reminds me of it. I was a restroom stall and the sound
reverberated throughout the restroom. I am glad he enjoyed it.

Tropicana--One of my favorites. Everything accessible, great pools,
good food. I really liked this place.

Golden Nugget--I did not like it at all. Conveniently located, but
that is about it. The view from my room was of the rooftop! I did meet
Mohammed Ali there.

Four Queens--not bad, but when I stayed there, it became the FIVE
queens! ;)

Circus Circus-fun, but I only stayed there once.

Hacienda--not that good, but one of the funnies things happened to me
there. I went to a male go-go boy show and picked up one of the
dancers who later came to my room for a "private" dance. He was dark
and I thought he was black, but could not tell. I just told my friends
he was "Greek." He let me take lots of pics of him and a few of his
rather large "third arm." I came home and took them to Kmarts to get
developed and got the special 5x7 package. As my luck would have it,
the stupid pictures came in an envelope with a plastic window in the
front. The developers put the dick picture in the front and that is
exactly what you saw when you looked at the package. The OLD goat that
got them for me (and I had no idea about the window) searches for the
package, finds it and facing him was a gigantic almost black pecker
peeking through the "window". He gave me the NASTIEST look I have ever
seen and I NEVER took pics to get developed there again. This was 20+
years ago and I still cannot forget the look on that guys face...

The worst? tropicana and the old san remo.

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