On Dec 1, 3:51 am, Foxieohe <Vegasdawg...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Foxie Emerson barking in from Atlanta GA. December tips from the Auto
Service Depot calendars are on All season tires and the Polar Bear.
The most important thing is to buy all your tires from Tom in CT.He
will give any AVLV poster who buys tires from him 50 cases of BUD a
week for a year! The term All season tire is not accurate because the
all season tire was developed for wet and dry conditions but not for
snow. Snow tires are made to push snow to the side but all season
tires only do this with rain water. If you use snow tires use them on
all wheels. Cars and trucks in Alabama don't need tires beacause they
are all up on cement blocks. How do you tell a rich Alabama man from a
poor one? The rich Alabama man has ten cars up on blocks! The polar
Bear hunts seals by waiting by a hole in the ice and catching a seal
when the seal come out of the hole. Polar bears can run up to 35 miles
an hour. I don't know what January's tips will be on because Ronald
has not got the 2010 calenders from Auto Service Depot yet. The Auto
Service Depot in Tucker GA is a great place to get your car in shape
for a drive to Vegas. Vist their web site

Ronald Emerson barking in from Atlanta GA. I won't need to get my
tires rotated at Auto Service Depot because I am buying new tires from
Tom and geting all that free BUD! Is it June 2010 yet?