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Buddy Romaine wrote:
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Is Las Vegas Don, Don Strevel?

If so I can vouch for him being here in the early 90s. He provided a
lot of good mafia lv stories for me back then...

Buddy, 42 days til arrival

That's not "the mid 80s" though. is it?
Denny in Mass

'spose not...but he seemed liked the big kingpin around AVLV then so I
assumed he'd been here awhile...he gave me some good advice on my
early trips..why am i talking about him like he's dead?

Buddy, 43 days til arrival.

He claims to have posted to AVLV about 10 years before it actually
existed. We just want to see one of his 80s posts.
Denny in Mass

It doesn't appear this group existed in the 1980's. Heck, the entire
alt.* heirarchy got made in the 1980's.*_hierarchy

As for old-time posting, there's a WILLIAM Strevel who sounds kind of

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Date: 6 Mar 1995 18:19:44 GMT
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been to the continental. breakfast special $.79. 2 eggs, 2 bacon or
sausage, 2 pancakes. nice leggy redhead waitress too!

try Ellis Island, Koval and Flamingo behinf Ballys. Steak, egg, toast,
fresh potatos, only 1.95. THEN, they give you a 1.25 FREE pull on their
machines, your choice. Letssee, 1.95 minus 1.25, so the steak and egg
meal has a price, in my mind, of .70 cents!!
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And then there's this:

I think the link speaks for itself, really- though I do wonder if they
hand out Lifetime Achievement Awards for net.loons.

Rob "Fancypants" Taylor