Re: Best Vegas book/most over-rated Vegas movie

On Jul 20, 6:05 pm, "DocTCW" <doc...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I have been re-reading Andres Martinez's book "24/7" and enjoying every
bit as much as I did the first time. It is more than a little dated,
having been written about 1998, but the premise is every man's
dream....having $50,000, one month, and a wife willing to let you spend
that time gambling in Vegas.

I also watched "Rain Man" over again today, and the Vegas segment is so
short that I found it very disappointing. Only one session at the BJ
tables and a look at a dated high roller suite!


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I read 24/7 and had the same feeling. Wish someone offerred me a
chance to do the same.

The Rainman Vegas scene is probably my favorite scene in any movie.
When Rainman walks into the casino with his brother and the movie
zooms in on the Real Vegas dealer and the brother says let's play.
When ever it's on tv I always try and catch that scene. I had played
many times with that dealer in Caesars. He died several years ago.