Re: Starbucks Closings in Vegas

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I am an environmentalist... but buying oil from foreign countries when we
have untapped reserves here is just plain stupid....

Why is it stupid? In fact, it makes a lot of sense to burn through
everybody else's oil first. Then when the supply cruch comes, we'll
still have our oil.

LOL. But the balance of trade sucks. Right now we are borrowing money from China and Japan to finance a war in the Middle East... and on top of that, we are dumping more money into the area by buying our oil there instead of using the stuff we already have. Our national deficit has skyrocketed and the money is flowing our of our country like someone severed our carotid artery.

Somewhere between the "drill nowhere environmentalists" and "drill everywhere industrialists" there is probably a compromise that we can all live with.

George L