Re: Questions for residents

Water is paid to LV Water Works
Electric is paid to Nevada Power
Gas to Southwest Gas

Currently I have the four other services with EMBARQ

Dish TV
Embarq home phone (including long distance)
Embarq Wireless
Embarq Internet (1.5 mps)

Trash is collected here twice a week. Recycle is every two weeks.

I also seem to be lucky as my mail gets here around 10:30 am and I love my
letter carrier!

My original house that I owned in The Lakes had a very small area of grass
so the watering was light. This house has lots of grass and with the dog,
the water bill has gone up. Eventually I am going to talk my friend into
getting rid of most of the grass. The neighborhood has no HOA but we have a
Neighborhood Watch which is nice.

Don't bother with Jean or Pahrump. The Las Vegas Valley (east or west) has
bargains galore right now. Personally I love the Westside but I am sure
many love the east side just as much. My father is moving to SCA in

Gasoline prices are about the same as the national average. But the car
drivers here are among the worst in America. Extremely rude, impatient and
often dangerous.

Your biggest bitch is the dreaded 5 months of heat here. From October 15 to
about May 15, it is nice here. From May 15-October 15 it is nuts.

Grocery is about the national average. Eating out is always a good bargain
here if you know where to look. I avoid the strip and usually stick with
the local casinos or avoid the strip completely. Movies however are almost
completely restricted to the hotel/casinos now and are expensive.

Despite what is told, there is a lot of excellent cultural events here and
religion is strong here. The library system here is among the best in
America. As I get older the fact that we have so many casinos here means
CLEAN bathrooms. I have learned to cash paychecks at the casinos and get
some freebees.
Any local without an American Casino Guide, a membership to Las Vegas
Advisor and a card from EVERY casino is foolish.

Oh, and the locals are FRIENDLY to the Tourists. They pay the bills---not

Big Mikey/The Masarsky Group

"JJ" <ok@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well I took the big leap and took an early retirement! Since we visit 5-7
times per year, we are seriously thinking of moving to Vegas, especially
after this winter here in Wisconsin, either as part-time home owners or
permanent residents. We're still concerned about living there during the
summer heat.

I'm trying to work up a budget and I have a few questions of how costs on
a home are broken down in LV. Do you pay separate sewer, water and
garbage collection fees or are they included in property taxes? If they
are separate, could you give me a ballpark figure of what they are? Say
2,000 sq ft and two people living there.

Any other surprise fees that show up in LV that isn't normal in other
parts of the country?

From my research, it appears every home in the city of Las Vegas is in tax
district #200, is that correct?

I know Clark County has a 7.75% sales tax and gas seems comparable to here
in Wisconsin, our current price is $3.30 gal. From our few trips to
Albertson's to stock up for vacation, food/beer/liquor prices seem higher,
but not outrageous. Gotta love the absence of a state income tax!

Now that prices have come down some, this might be our opportunity. We
previously looked in Pahrump & Mesquite but ruled those out. We hated
Pahrump and really liked Mesquite but I worry there just isn't enough to
do there. We still don't know where we are looking, but we do have a
broker set up for the weekend of April 5th and he is going to take us
around to different neighborhoods to try and get a feel for things. We
are looking for a single family home, not a condo. After the article in
last week's Wall Street Journal, it would be nice to find one of those
$400,000 homes now going for $280k.

If anybody has experience with owning two homes, any advice, or horror
stories are also appreciated.


Joe J.