Re: List of Imploded or Closed Vegas Casinos

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Hey it's Wiki, you can go in there and add it to the list.


And don't forget to include Mr. Sy's.

I noticed Sassy Sally's was not on the list.


Sassy Sally's was never imploded. It's still there, just renamed (I
always get it mixed up, it's either Mermaids or La Bayou) to cover up
the illegal hustling the went on at both Sassy Sally's and Coin
Castle, both owned by the same person, who still owns the renamed

Ah, the Coin Castle. The first casino I ever got hustled for tips, and that was after I'd already given a tip! After I hit $60 or so on a machine, I gave the gal in the slot carosel a couple of dollars. She said it wasn't enough, something like "No, no! Two more!"