Re: Why is momorail so expensive

"Scooter" <srweber369@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm planning a trip to L.V. soon and I was thinking of using the
monorail when I visit the strip. I will not be staying on the strip
Iv'e been there several dozen times before (last stay was a 3 free
night stay at the Wynn)..

When I went to the monorails web site I nearly fainted at the rates
they are charging. When I lived in N.Y.C. a 30day MTA pass good for
both subway and bus travel was only $60.00 and it went to more sites
and had more convienent stops then this thing.

In one word: "boondoggle"

The monorail is just a major goof that should have been done differently and
set up in a totally different way than it has been.