Re: Scattersnhots from 04/22 - 04/25 trip

Damb, coorslte <coorslte@xxxxxxxxxxx>, do I have to 'splain EVERYTHING
to your dumn ass????

4) Several Conventions were going on including CA-World but the strip
didn't seem any more crowded than normal.

I was there during NBA all star weekend and I made the same comment.
THe strip always seems crowded to me on weekends. During the week,
however, I can tell a difference.

5) I love drunk girls

Gotta hear more about this one.

6) $10 tables are the new $5 blackjack tables. Even less $5 tables
than in January

Lamentably, you are correct.

8) Lots of pretty girls walking up and down the street wearing very
little clothing on Tues and Wed.

Get an outside table at Mon Ami Gabi and just try to keep your eyes on
your dining partner.

10) Saw unusual dispute where man wanted something from casino for
having another customer (female) throw a drink on him.....never got all
of the details but the discussion went on for about an hour and a half

What a dipshit. Vegas is filled with them.

11) Someone earlier reported that 3:2 Blackjack was dead at O'Shea's and
I disputed it.....sad to report this person was pretty much dead
on......even the 8 deck shoes games were paying 6:5. I think I saw one
3:2 game while I was in O'Shea's and I looked carefully.


12) South Point is a beautiful casino. I like everything about it
except the location.

It feels just like Orleans, Gold Coast, or Sun Coast to me.

15) Going back in July for my Birthday Extravaganza (turning 50) and
have Mirage booked. The more I am in there, the more I like it. I
had a great time hanging out in the Mirage this trip.

Agreed. Mirage is our strip HQ. I just feel good in that place.

20) Did I mention that I love drunk girls?

Not sure, but we still need details.


Andrew <-- is it JOONE yet?

"Going to Vegas is not about nicer, it's about getting down and dirty, losing
your paycheque shooting craps, and getting the clap from an ugly prostitute."

-- "Visaman" in AVLV

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