Re: 4th of July

"Sinatra" <theluckynumber10@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hey Gang-

Going to be in town next on the fourth of July, and staying for a few.

Never been in Vegas on that day. Has anyone? Do they do fireworks on the
Strip? I have illusions of relaxing up in Voodoo Lounge, sipping a dirty
martini and watching fireworks.

For this year's Fouth of July Statosphere is doing fireworks and a pool
party... but it will be on July 2nd.

The 4th of July is traditionally a slow time in Las Vegas: Its not really a
"party" type holiday and even at 1AM or 2AM in the morning its still going
to be hot outside.

This year could be even slower as there will probably be a few people who
would normally take advantage of the long weekend for a Vegas getaway
waiting instead until July 7th when its 7/7/7 (which is a Saturday) and that
weekend is also the start of the WSOP Main Event.