Re: Let's all kiss Chuck's arse

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I know
that I have written in the past that my one-on-one time with Chuck a
few years ago was an enjoyable time, but in truth, he was an obnoxious
bore, spewing hate and venom every minute I was with him. So......I
lied. I guess that makes me a BM clone.


Why would you lie to us about something like this Doc? Were you currying
favor or were you siding with him in a flame war? How does someone who is an
"obnoxious bore" who spews venom and hate EVERY minute you were with him get
painted as á"congenial and entertaining" and someone you'd "like to meet

Either way, you have some 'splainin to do since you repeated that lie not
just once, but quite a few times IIRC.


See my reply to tr. But otherwise, you are correct, and I probably
shouldn't have accosted Chuck like that out of the blue. Our time
together wasn't that bad, and in person Chuck isn't quite the creep he
is online. I'm just in a very foul mood.